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The game will continue to play behind the scenes and any bets you have placed will stand. If you 'continue' you can still return to the game by selecting the game tab above.


Forget about those paid up characters playing live on Sky Sports on a Thursday night, the heart of the game is right here. Set in a suitably dingy pub you get to step up to the oche with and against the likes of Rocky McGlyn and Pyra the Punta. There are seven markets to choose from including 'total value', 'round the clock', and 'evens v odds. All you have to do is go higher or lower of our prediction.


The first thing to decide upon is which two characters you want to play with – you have choice of six and once decided you'll move to the market selection. There are a total of seven to choose from:
  • Total Value: a prediction on what the total value of six darts thrown will be
  • 100 Ups: a prediction on what the total score above 100 will be from the six darts
  • Supremacy: a prediction on how many points the first player will beat the second by
  • Round the Clock: a prediction on how many points will be scored from sequentially higher scores
  • Evens v Odds: a prediction on by how many points the total of Even scores will beat Odd scores by
  • Highest: a prediction on the score of the highest scoring dart
  • Value x Throw: a prediction on what the total of each dart multiplied by the score from that throw will be
Once you've selected the market you want to play, simply decide whether you want to go higher or lower than our prediction. Your two chosen players then take to the oche and throw three darts each.
Please note: spread betting can result in losses greater than your initial deposit or credit limit. For more information see our Risk Disclosure Notice.