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  • Pyramids
  • How to play

The Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnack, the Pyramids of Giza – all fantastic sites and well worth a visit but only one of them can claim to have been the inspiration for a spread betting game. In this classic, tokens are placed on the pyramid and a ball is released - the more tokens that are hit by the ball, the more points are scored. You can place tokens on the pyramid to create your own game, select one of the predefined pyramids or use the random pyramid generator. Once you have your perfect pyramid, click on 'get prediction' and a tailor made price will appear which you can then place a bet on.


> Before you do anything you'll need to populate your pyramid with tokens – this can be done in one of three ways:
  • Use your own judgment and place tokens exactly where you want them (simply drag from the left of screen)
  • Select one of the six predefined layouts from our list
  • Select 'Random Layout' and let lady luck put you in position
Remember that you can stack as many tokens as you want on one pyramid. Should you get over excited and then wish to remove some of them you can do so by clicking on the one(s) you want to get rid of. If you populate your pyramid using method one you will need to click on "Get Prediction" to your price to bet on. Using a predefined or random layout option will mean a price is automatically generated for you. And that's it, a simple game but a classic nonetheless.

You are now leaving the game. The game will continue to play behind the scenes and any bets you have placed will still stand.

Please note: spread betting can result in losses greater than your initial deposit or credit limit. For more information see our Risk Disclosure Notice.