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Baccarat is a straight forward game where the object is to get a hand that totals to nine – or as close to that as possible. Played with a single deck of cards there are potentially two betting opportunities per hand. The game starts with you being dealt two cards and a price being generated, you can then either choose to re-deal (which generates a new price), place a bet, or skip the bet. From there you either stick with your two card total (if they total 6, 7, 8 or 9) or hit a third (if the two cards total 5 or less). Played solely against the dealer, 100 points are awarded for a winning hand, 50 points for a tied hand and 0 should the dealer win.


This is no ordinary penalty shootout, and it's not only the result that counts. The phrase "winning isn't everything" has never been more true. In this game, everything counts from the shirt number of the goal scorer to the area of the goal he scores in. With 10 markets to bet on you can choose between Brazil, England, Germany, USA and Mexico and then watch them battle it out against a neutral penalty saving expert.

Like the standard game our version of Blackjack is played with a single deck of cards and the object is to accumulate cards with as high a value as possible without exceeding 21. You control the decisions of the player, selecting whether to hit, stand, or split. The variation with our version is that if you don't like the look of your cards you can flip the script, sell your hand and back the dealer – so whether you're dealt King Five or King Ace, Sporting Index Blackjack offers you the unique opportunity to play out a hand of Blackjack and make a profit even when the house wins!

The game starts with 127 balls in the cannon. These are made up from rugby, golf, tennis, cricket and soccer balls - each ball has a colour and number on it, ranging from 1-5. Kick the game off by pulling the cannon pin, selecting from a range of seven markets including 'Total Value' and 'Multi-Points', then sit back and see if the cannon fires in your favour.

The game starts with 300 balls in the cannon. These are made up from rugby, golf, tennis, cricket, snooker and soccer balls - each ball has a colour and number on it, ranging from 1-50. Kick the game off by pulling the cannon pin, selecting from a range of seven markets including 'Low Ball' and 'reverse Numbers', then sit back and see if the cannon fires in your favour.

Upon discovering the principle of density, Archimedes famously exclaimed 'eureka'. Well back in 2004 that same word echoed through the hallways of Sporting Index as another great man, albeit less famous, conceptualised a game that fused cricket with the thrill of the casino. The result was Cricket Roulette. A game with a wide range of markets from 'Opening Partnership' to 'Total Runs' where you can choose to either play a one over quick hit or a six over game. So head to the crease, take your guard and let the wheel spin.

Forget about those paid up characters playing live on Sky Sports on a Thursday night, the heart of the game is right here. Set in a suitably dingy pub you get to step up to the oche with and against the likes of Rocky McGlyn and Pyra the Punta. There are seven markets to choose from including 'total value', 'round the clock', and 'evens v odds. All you have to do is go higher or lower of our prediction.

Dice offers you the opportunity to bet pre-roll and 'in-play' on the outcome of three rolls of a set of dice. Once you've chosen the number of dice you want to use (choose between two or four), you then select which market you want to place your bet on. Before each throw you are given a prediction on the outcome of the three rolls. At each stage you can select to bet higher or lower than the prediction, or skip the bet and wait for the next roll.


Kennington Park is an on demand race meeting that brings all the thrill and excitement of spread betting on horse racing direct to your desktop. This unique six race meeting offers a variety of exciting bets on both individual races and the meeting as a whole. Choose from a range of markets such as individual horse performance, winning distances or starting prices, place your bet then sit back and watch to action unfold. The runners and riders are making their way down to the start, so study the form, choose your bets, then sit back and watch the action unfold and don't forget, you can back a horse to do well or do badly, it's up to you!

Play Yer Cards Right is a spread betting version of the classic higher or lower game.  Played with a single deck of cards, the object of the game is to predict whether the next card out the pack will be higher or lower than the card on display. The game starts with you selecting your opening card and then betting on the number of consecutive correct predictions you think you'll make before predicting wrongly. After each correct prediction you will be offered the chance to take your profit or cut your loss, alternatively, you could choose to gamble and try and go all the way.

The Valley of the Kings, the Temple of Amun-Ra at Karnack, the Pyramids of Giza – all fantastic sites and well worth a visit but only one of them can claim to have been the inspiration for a spread betting game. In this classic, tokens are placed on the pyramid and a ball is released - the more tokens that are hit by the ball, the more points are scored. You can place tokens on the pyramid to create your own game, select one of the predefined pyramids or use the random pyramid generator. Once you have your perfect pyramid, click on 'get prediction' and a tailor made price will appear which you can then place a bet on.

Roulette is the world's first on-line spread betting version of the popular Casino game. Played on a standard European table with one zero, the game uses a Random Number Generator to determine where your ball will land between 0 and 36. Our version allows you to decide whether you want your numbers to come up or whether you've got a better chance of winning by backing against yourself. The game offers you three types of bet (Individual, Section and Player Returns) and a variety of markets to bet on. From the familiar 'Number' bets to the less familiar 'Multi Number' bets it's up to you to decide. Choose your market, decide whether you will do well or badly and then let the wheel spin.

Like with Cricket Roulette we've once again managed to forge a casino classic with a top line sport.  This game has two styles of game play: choose a 'Simple Game' for a quick hit and a rapid result, or choose 'Advanced Game' to benefit from a 'collect' feature and bet in-running, taking your profit or cutting your losses. There are five markets to bet on in each game, such as '3 Digit Total' and 'Multi Numbers', offering you a variety of betting opportunities you won't find on any other slot machine.

Springo is the World's first spread betting bingo game. Based on a 55 ball draw this game offers you a wealth of markets and betting opportunities that you won't find anywhere else. Choose to play either a 'Quick' game for that quick hit, or an 'In-Play' game for a more in-depth experience with additional betting opportunities.

Target Golf is a beautiful par three hole set against a dramatic coastal backdrop. Accuracy is the name of the game as the pros and amateurs battle it out to be king of the course. With trees, deep bunkers, heavy rough and open water waiting to punish loose shots, only the most skilful strikers of the ball will emerge victorious. Or will they?

Texas Hold'em is a spread betting version of the classic poker game. It's played with a single deck of cards and the object is to create the best five-card hand using 7 cards. Up to 5 players can play at any one time: your hand and 1-4 robots. You bet on the performance of your hand and are offered a revised price prior to each of the five rounds of betting. And remember, if you don't like the look of your hand, don't fret, you can back yourself to lose as well as win.

Three Card Poker is a very simple game with potentially two betting opportunities per hand. The object of the game is to beat the dealer with the best hand possible from one draw of three cards. As there are only three cards dealt, the hand values in this game differ slightly from normal poker. A straight beats a flush in 3 card poker, and the best possible hand is three 3's, also known as Prial. As with all our games you can back yourself to win or back yourself to lose.

Please note: spread betting can result in losses greater than your initial deposit or credit limit. For more information see our Risk Disclosure Notice.