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  • Three Card Poker
  • How to play

The game will continue to play behind the scenes and any bets you have placed will stand. If you 'continue' you can still return to the game by selecting the game tab above.


Three Card Poker is a very simple game with potentially two betting opportunities per hand. The object of the game is to beat the dealer with the best hand possible from one draw of three cards. As there are only three cards dealt, the hand values in this game differ slightly from normal poker. A straight beats a flush in 3 card poker, and the best possible hand is three 3's, also known as Prial. As with all our games you can back yourself to win or back yourself to lose.


The game is played with a single deck and as it says above the object of the game is to beat the dealer in a draw of three cards. The game starts with you, the player, being offered the chance to place a blind bet before any cards are dealt – the spread price at this stage will always be 55-58. The option to skip this bet is also available. Three cards are then dealt face up to the player and a new spread price is generated - based on the strength of your hand. You then have another opportunity to skip or place a bet – after that the dealer’s three cards are dealt and the result revealed.


Points are awarded for a win/tie plus the value of the hand.

Hand Points
Winning the Hand 100 (50 if tied)
High Card 0
Pair 10
Flush 40
Straight 50
Straight Flush 250
Three of a Kind 250 (any three of a kind other than 3's)
3's Piral 400
Please note: spread betting can result in losses greater than your initial deposit or credit limit. For more information see our Risk Disclosure Notice.