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  • Roulette
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This is the world's first on-line spread betting version of the popular Casino game. Played on a standard European table with one zero, the game uses a Random Number Generator to determine where your ball will land between 0 and 36. Our version allows you to decide whether you want your numbers to come up or whether you've got a better chance of winning by backing against yourself. The game offers you three types of bet (Individual, Section and Player Returns) and a variety of markets to bet on. From the familiar 'Number' bets to the less familiar 'Multi Number' bets it's up to you to decide. Choose your market, decide whether you will do well or badly and then let the wheel spin.


First of all there are three types of bet for you to choose from. 'Individual' bets give you the option of choosing from five different markets (see below for market details). 'Player Returns' allows you to place a combination of chips up to a maximum of 1,000 anywhere on the table. 'Section' bets allows you to break the table into sections and bet on whether or not it lands in that section.


The five markets available through Individual bets are as follows:
  • Number: this is the number the ball lands on between 0 and 36
  • Multi Number: the square of the number the ball lands on has a range 0 to 1296
  • Neighbours: this is the aggregate of the two numbers that lie either side of the number the ball lands on and has a range of 3 to 66. This has a range of 3 (number 26) to 66 (number 11)
  • Multi Red: This is the square of any red number the ball lands on. This has a range of 0 to 1296. The make-up is zero it doesn't land on a red
  • Multi Black: This is the square of any red number the ball lands on, where the result is zero if not red. This has a range of 0 to 1225


Player places a combination of chips up to a maximum of 1,000 anywhere on the table and a prediction is then made on the expected returns for that layout. Players can then either back (go high of) or lay (go low of) their layout. Note that Player Returns includes the chips placed and is not the same as profit.

Example 1: Placing 100 chips on number 9 will generate a price of 94-100. A £1 High bet at this price is equivalent to placing £100 on number 9 in the Casino, as the maximum result is 360 (£3,500 profit) and the minimum result is 0 (£100 loss).

Example 2: Placing 10 chips on 9 and 100 chips on black would generate a price of 104 - 110 and would have potential returns of 560 chips (10*36)+(100*2).


'Section' bets allows you to break the table into multiple sections and then bet on whether or not the balls lands in that section. For section bets, if the ball lands on a number in the selected section then the result is that number. Otherwise the result is deemed to be zero.


Bet Probability UK Odds Decimal Order
Red 18/37 EV 2
Black 18/37 EV 2
Even 18/37 EV 2
Odds 18/37 EV 2
1-18 18/37 EV 2
19-36 18/37 EV 2
1-12 12/37 2-1 3
13-24 12/37 2-1 3
25-36 12/37 2-1 3
Any column 12/37 2-1 3
Line (6 number combo) 6/37 5-1 6
Corner (4 number combo) 4/37 8-1 9
Street (3 number combo) 3/37 11-1 12
Split (2 number combo) 2/37 17-1 18
Any number 1/37 35-1 36

You are now leaving the game. The game will continue to play behind the scenes and any bets you have placed will still stand.

Please note: spread betting can result in losses greater than your initial deposit or credit limit. For more information see our Risk Disclosure Notice.